• About Us
    We offer a progressive investment planning and advisory practice that differentiates itself by being disciplined, well researched and profitable. Our simple process and practice start at grassroots, ensuring all required aspects are covered through the evolving investment strategy and plan.
    It is our belief that by providing a personalized and consistent service experience, we ensure long and fruitful relationships with our clients. Keeping this commitment, we begin to  encourage open discussions  to seek and understand what is important to the client.
    Considering the dynamic and the volatile times that we are living in, the need for valuable and active financial planning and wealth management has never been more important and critical.  The goal is to create, grow and preserve wealth. An effective advisory practice is built only on the foundation of trust, integrity and responsibility. An unyielding commitment  to exceed the expectations of the clients keeps us challenged perpetually.

    Create your Wealth

    Our business is to offer you advise and service with your individual  needs in mind aiming to attain your personal financial goals.
    A Simple Interactive process with people before they begin their Investments involve:
    • Understanding the individual's comfort level with way one sees how their hard earned money should work for them.
    • This is done by one to one meetings or simply by filling the "Client Questionnaire" available on this page or both.
    • It is just  a common sense interaction called by a jargon in Investment Parlance as: Risk Profiling
    • Once the risk appetite is concurred upon we need to pen down and determine how the individual's  income on one hand  and lifestyle expenses on the other,  allows for comfortable and appropriate
    • regular surplus that can be invested whenever needed for each personal goal: The Personal Cash Flow Statement.
    •  The two important aspects achieved by the first two steps, the third and last step just falls in place easily: The Investment Plan.
    • This entails  risk-adjusted returns on appropriately selected investment options, as per the individual's risk appetite and goal, to ensure the path treaded is leading and the journey is as smooth,midst all the intermittent, chaotic, roller coaster dynamic nature  of the market place.
    Tailored Investment Strategy
    • The Investment Plan drawn from the initial interactions as detailed above  combined with a well diversified selection of investment options chosen depending upon the individual risk profile forms the tailored investment strategy.
    • Ronshu has been empanelled as partners to distribute for all significant mutual funds houses such as Franklin Templeton Mutual Funds, HDFC Mutual fund, HSBC Mutual funds, DSP Black Rock , Fidelity, Reliance, Birla, ICICI Prudential Mutual Funds, SBI Mutual Funds and some more. A wide range of instruments from mutual funds, Government Tax free bonds, Insurance, gold and fixed deposits are made available. We at Ronshu recommend  the investor, a suited risk-adjusted portfolio  to meet  with one's personal financial goals. The solutions  available across these can help anybody at any stage in life.
    • We constantly innovate and invest to provide online, through our technology tie up with professional IT solutions partners , accurate and current client investment records of the various funds availed by an investor. Regular monthly reports are sent to share the complete portfolio. These are sent as PDF files to your registered email ids.   
    • Online access feature of your portfolio reports  enables you to view it anytime 24/7, your Portfolio, Allocation, Holdings, Dividends, Capital Gains, Insurance Details, and A/C Statements.
    • Personalized Tax Planning to offer Tax saving options to individuals for an efficient tax management is our basic service.
    • Financial Planning  and Investment Advisory Services to be smoothly effective through passage of time in one's life needs constant reviews  and an interactive consultation  is provided appropriately to steer the journey on to the leading path.
    We offer:
    • All significant Mutual funds with the best credentials and history.
    • Private Insurance Products for Protection and  tax benefits.
    • RBI tax Relief Bonds
    • Senior Citizen Bonds
    • Capital Gain Exemption bonds REC, NHAI.
    • Health Plans.
    • Commodity Investing in  Gold
    • Property advise.
    • Investment Plans and Wealth Management Services for Retirement Planning, Children Education,  House Purchase, and other Asset Purchase.
    We are  members of the Million Dollar Round Table, USA  which comprise of the Top 2% of the Finance Industry Advisors Worldwide  providing need based solutions to individuals.
    We are Certified Associate Financial Planners from the Financial Planning Standards Board, LUTCF Certified  and AMFI and IRDA certified to provide professional advice on mutual funds and life insurance.

    Our Continuous determination to innovate and invest in appropriate technology to enhance our clients investment experience and  providing comfort with,

    • Latest account statements on the web site 24/7 with the current value of the total portfolio of one’s investments in all instruments.
    • Online Investments in Mutual Funds and Insurance.
    • Online Transactions in your existing portfolio.
    • Provide updated news and related information on our website relevant to your Investments Needs.


    We would be happy to be of assistance to all your financial and investment needs.